All about Accessibility and Conditional Mobility

Do you have questions about accessibility and conditional mobility areas at Cidade do Rock? We explain everything in this article. 

There is only one type of ticket for Rock in Rio Lisbon available to anyone, including those with conditional mobility. Rock in Rio Lisbon tickets are on sale HERE, Worten shops, Worten APP and
A ticket purchased for a person with proven conditional mobility, equal to or greater than 60 per cent, entitles them to a free ticket for their personal assistant. To take advantage of this offer on the day of the event, you must go to the festival ticket office and show the ticket you bought, as well as the relevant multipurpose certificate, and you will receive the free ticket on the spot.
City of Rock is prepared to welcome everyone, providing conditional mobility platforms with good visibility of the 3 stages, accessible toilets throughout City of Rock, dedicated car parking areas and support areas with dedicated technical staff, where it is possible to charge electric wheelchairs and use the water bowls for guide dogs. The hospital at City of Rock is also prepared to provide support for any need.  
You don't need to make any kind of reservation or contact us in advance to gain access to these exclusive areas, you just need to go to the locations with the document proving these accesses and request entry. To gain access to the exclusive disabled car park, you'll need an IMT permit. 

At the entrance to City of Rock we'll have a technical team on hand to help.

The platforms are scattered around the City of Rock, next to the stages, and are for the exclusive use of people who meet the operating standards for mobility-impaired platforms, which are as follows:
  • All people with permanent or temporary disabilities can use the platforms on a priority basis: the elderly, obese people, pregnant women and those with other conditions.
  • Users of the platforms will be able to take advantage of the presence of a companion, whenever the capacity of the platforms allows it, as priority will always be given to people with reduced mobility. 
  • Escorts are only allowed if they are of the age permitted to enter the premises.
  • Pregnant women can take advantage of the Platforms as long as they certify a high-risk pregnancy and a late pregnancy (after 6 months).
Rock in Rio Lisboa reserves the right not to allow people who do not comply with its operating rules to enter or stay on the platforms. 

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