Rock in Rio Lisboa is
the first 100R festival in Portugal

This label guarantees the valorisation and recycling of the waste produced. In Brazil, the festival received this label in 2011.

3,9 Million Trees Planted

As part of the Amazonia Live project (Brazil) and in projects to reforestation projects in Portugal, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and the USA (California).

Energy Globe Award

for Rock in Rio Solar Energy project, which promoted the installation of 760 photovoltaic panels in schools in Portugal. 

155.000 Meals

+ more than 55,000 meals donated in Lisbon and Las Vegas and + more than 100,000 meals donated in partnership with Citizen Action.

European EE Music Award

In 2012, Rock in Rio Lisboa received this award in the sustainability category.

3.200 Young People

were able to complete their basic education in Rio de Janeiro.  100 CLASSROOMS AND 10 MUSIC ROOMS built in deprived and pacified areas in Rio de Janeiro. 14 SENSORY ROOMS equipped in Portugal for young people with motor and mental disabilities.

ISO 20121 Certification
Sustainable Events

Rock in Rio was the first major music event in the world to achieve this certification.

Global Conservation Hero Award

The festival receives this award from Conservation International for the Amazonia Live project.

Sê-lo Verde

In 2018, Rock in Rio Lisboa was honoured by the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment for its environmental initiatives. In 2020, it signed the Lisbon European Green Capital 2022 Green Commitment.

Contribution to Sustainability Award

In 2022, Rock in Rio Lisboa received this award from the Iberian Festival Awards.

ISO 20121 – Rock in Rio'
Sustainability Policy

1. Driven by our vision "For a Better World", embedded in ROCK WORLD's principles and values of sustainable development, we are committed to leaving a positive and lasting legacy in the community where Rock in Rio and The Town take place, promoting through example and the dissemination of good practices the building of sustainable practices among all Stakeholders.

2. We guarantee to give back to the community and all Stakeholders, with benefits arising from the search for new solutions to environmental, social and economic issues that enable us to fulfil our commitments to make increasingly rational use of resources, minimise the generation of waste and greenhouse gases, in order to achieve our vision of Rock World "For A Better World".

3. Investing in our community, recruiting local employees and suppliers and investing in activities that generate direct or indirect economic, social and environmental value for all stakeholders (shareholders, sponsors, suppliers and the local community...).

4. We hope to have a positive impact on those involved in Rock World events, promoting a safe event, taking into account the health, safety, comfort, accessibility and well-being of all, complying with all applicable regulations on Human Rights, Labour Legislation and other relevant Regulations.

5. We ensure the design and implementation of engagement processes, content and entertainment programming and information provision in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all Stakeholders in the Rock in Rio and The Town experiences.

6. We guarantee transparency and integrity in our commercial and other transactions.

7. We make a long-term commitment to promoting and maintaining a cycle of stewardship, providing the resources and expertise necessary to fulfil the sustainability goals and continuous improvement of our events.

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