ESC Online Sports Bar brings sport back to Rock in Rio Lisboa!

What better mobilises crowds and makes them vibrate in unison than music? Sport! That's why this year, in the special edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of Rock in Rio in Portugal, the ESC Online Sports Bar will once again be present in the City of Rock for the second year running, bringing the contagious energy of sport to one of the biggest music and entertainment festivals in the world.

Inspired by famous sports bars and with an inviting set design that has been thought out in detail, the ESC Online Sports Bar combines a passion for sport with entertainment and provides an ideal environment for sharing good times with friends and family. This space includes a bar with various food and drink options and a diverse range of interactive activities, with the aim of igniting the public's enthusiasm and vibrancy by bringing together the best of sport and music.

The ESC Online Sports Bar will be the meeting point of choice for taking a break from the concerts and challenging friends to classic games such as table football, subsoccer or beer pong. To make things even more exciting, the Cheerleaders team will be there with energetic choreographies that will turn the atmosphere into a real party. The winners of the games will be able to spin the Wheel of Fortune to win different prizes.
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