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Ivete Sangalo confirmed for the historic 20th anniversary edition of Rock In Rio Lisboa

There's no Rock in Rio without Ivete Sangalo, and this year is no exception! The queen of Brazilian music, who has been a part of every edition of the festival in Portugal, will be back on the World Stage on the 22nd of June.  

With a career spanning three decades of success and a relationship so close to Rock in Rio that she can now be considered part of the festival's family, Ivete promises to stir up some dust in Parque Tejo Lisboa. With more than 55 million followers, Ivete is always active on social media as a way of keeping ever closer to her fans. A task she performs with both mastery and naturalness. 

And it is this closeness that characterises the Bahian singer's relationship with Rock in Rio Lisbon, which has become a remarkable story since its first edition in 2004. The artist, who has already become an integral part of this festival of music and emotions, as she is the only international artist to have performed at every edition of Rock in Rio Lisbon, is preparing to present a unique and grandiose show, specially designed to celebrate 20 years of the festival's history on Portuguese soil.

Throughout her career, Ivete has totalled more than 300 songs and sold more than 18 million copies. The artist, who performs an average of 10 shows a month, has been honoured with more than 150 awards, including four Latin Grammys. 

"Ivete Sangalo is already part of this great family that we have built over two decades. Her presence is synonymous with spectacle, energy and a unique connection with our audience. Ivete has the rare ability to turn every concert into a magical moment, and the World Stage comes alive in a special way when she takes the stage. This relationship isn't just professional; it's an emotional connection that extends to every edition of the festival" says Roberta Medina, Executive Vice-President of Rock in Rio. "The show that Ivete is preparing to celebrate 20 years of Rock in Rio Lisboa will undoubtedly be another brilliant chapter that no one will want to miss.

The new Cidade do Rock in Parque Tejo Lisboa will be the stage for this unforgettable party, scheduled for 15, 16, 22 and 23 June. With the move to this new venue, Rock in Rio Lisbona promises a renewed experience, but the presence of Ivete Sangalo remains a certainty for all fans. If you want to be there too, buy your ticket HERE.
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