Let's say goodbye with a full house!

Rock in Rio Lisboa has reached its fourth and final day, and the City of Rock promises to bring the festival to a festive close. With tickets sold out, this day, which starts at 1pm, is dedicated to the younger crowd and features a line-up full of Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B that will guarantee great times with friends until 1am.

So that everyone can watch two of the most anticipated concerts of the night, the time of Luísa Sonza's concert on the Galp Stage has been adjusted to start at 9.55pm and end at 10.45pm, when Doja Cat takes to the World Stage.

Tonight, Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Ne-Yo and Aitana will take to the World Stage; Luísa Sonza, Pedro Sampaio, Anselmo Ralph and Soraia Ramos will perform on the Galp Stage; and ProfJam, MC Cabelinho, Veigh and Danni Gato will perform on the Tejo Stage.