The new season of "Untold Stories" with RFM is now available!

The second season brings lively conversations full of surprising and never-before-revealed stories, told by numerous protagonists and festival professionals.

The second season of "Untold Stories" kicks off today, 4th April, on the official YouTube channels of Rock in Rio Lisbon and RFM, on RFM Spotify, and on the official RFM website, with the first episode. Produced in conjunction with ETIC (audiovisual production) and Gato Preto (set decoration), and moderated by António Mendes (director of RFM) and Rodrigo Gomes (animator of Café da Manhã - RFM), the programme brings together numerous festival protagonists and professionals who are part of the history of Rock in Rio Lisbon, for lively conversations where stories that have never been told will be revealed. With a total of 10 episodes, two a week (one on Monday and the other on Thursday), this new season will focus on the 20 years of Rock in Rio in Portugal, and the first guest could not fail to be the Vice-President of the festival, Roberta Medina, who will be joined by Carlos Pedro, Galp's Brand Marketing Director.   

Because Rock in Rio Lisbon hosts not only great shows, but also the most unusual stories, the second season of "Untold Stories" will unveil new adventures, unforeseen events, surprises and, in essence, everything that happens behind the curtain, where the public can't get access. Musicians, radio presenters, television presenters, journalists, reporters, digital influencers and festival partners will give voice to these stories in informal and relaxed conversations. 

The first episode, already available, features Roberta Medina and Carlos Pedro, in which they will reveal many unique and caricatured stories that the festival's Executive Vice-President and Galp's Brand Marketing Director have witnessed over the 20 years of Rock in Rio Lisbon. The second episode, available on 8 April, will feature the special participation of Fernando Daniel, in which the artist will reveal a little of what the public can expect at the concert scheduled for 16 June on the World Stage. 

For this 2nd season of "Untold Stories", the following guests have already been confirmed: Cláudia Borges (SIC Presenter), Graça Costa Pereira (SIC Culture Editor), Inês Folque (TV Presenter), Joana Cruz (animator Café da Manhã - RFM), Joana Latino (SIC and SIC Mulher Journalist), Liliana Campos (SIC Mulher Presenter), Mário Rui Vieira (Blitz/ Expresso Journalist), Nelson Cunha (Director Mega Hits), OWHANA (Digital Influencer) Pedro Boucherie Mendes (Director SIC Radical), Rita Carmo (Photojournalist Blitz/ Expresso), Teresa Lage (Producer RFM), Vanessa Oliveira (TV Presenter) and the artists Carolina Deslandes, Carolina de Deus and Filipe Karlsson.   
Listen to the first episode of Untold Stories here!
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