The second day is also sold out!

The first day of Rock in Rio Lisboa was a success, and the second day won't be any different – it's already sold out! With the new City of Rock completely packed, on June 15th, 80,000 people attended performances by the timeless Xutos & Pontapés with the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra. Once again, crowd favorites like "À Minha Maneira" and "Casinha" echoed loudly through the venue. The band Extreme returned to Portugal, treating the audience to major hits like "More Than Words," and they brought the City of Rock to a standstill with Portugal's anthem, featuring the national flag on stage. The iconic Evanescence had the crowd singing in unison to "My Immortal" and "Bring Me Back to Life," while the Scorpions, despite being regulars in Portugal, still managed to draw 80,000 people to the Palco Mundo stage at the City of Rock.

In addition to the main stage performances, highlights of the first day included the debut of an impressive video mapping pyromusical and lighting show celebrating the festival's 20 years in Portugal, as well as Europe's performance, where they thrilled the audience with the monumental "The Final Countdown." Hybrid Theory performed with Diogo Piçarra and announced their show at the Meo Arena in 2025.

The Palco Tejo stage opened with Peste & Sida, followed by Blind Zero's debut at Rock in Rio Lisboa. The Legendary Tigerman closed the stage with hits like "Motorcycle Boy" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking."

Meanwhile, the Super Bock Digital Stage saw Soraia Tavares make her debut with songs from the album "A Culpa É Da Lua," comedian Dário Guerreiro return to the stage, and musical sets by the irreverent duo Eduardo Madeira and Filipe Homem Fonseca with Cebola Mol, along with many other performances that kept the audience entertained on the first day of the festival.