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We have arrived in Lisbon! 10 trucks took the streets to start the assemblies of the new City of Rock

Find out here everything we're preparing for this new City of Rock that's about to come to life!

On the morning of March 21st, Rock in Rio invaded Lisbon! 10 trucks arrived via Vasco da Gama Bridge and traveled through the main streets and avenues of the city, towards Parque Tejo Lisboa, to start the assembly of the park. In the new house of the festival, and to receive this entourage, was the team of Rock in Rio and the assembly team, who toasted the start of the assemblies of the new City of Rock. 

The new City of Rock promises to exceed expectations, providing an even more incredible experience for the thousands of fans who prepare to live four days of pure magic. Compared to Parque da Bela, where the other editions of the festival took place, the Parque Tejo Lisboa offers a larger area and a series of improvements that elevate the comfort of the public. With 30,000m2 more space for the public, which provide a more fluid circulation and a significant increase in the number of sanitary facilities - 150 more cabins -, which will ensure easier and faster access. The operational area also grew by 40%, offering teams more space and resources to ensure the best experience for the public. 

The restoration area will be expanded, with 39 bars available to the public, 17 more than the previous edition, and 234 linear meters of food service, compared to the 175 linear meters available in 2022. With this increase, visitors will be able to enjoy an even more diverse gastronomic offer able to meet the various needs of the public, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

Both the World Stage and the Galp Stage will also undergo significant growth in size and capacity. The World Stage, known for being the epicenter of the main performances of the festival, will have the scenography increased from 894m2 to 989.50m2, providing even more space and grandeur for the artists and for the shows. The Galp Stage, which has given prominence to several emerging talents, will go from 370m2 to 680m2 of scenography, in addition to receiving a new giant screen on the side, expanding the visual experience of the audience. With a considerable increase in audiences’ space on both stages, fans will be able to enjoy unforgettable concerts with more comfort and visibility. The new venue will also accommodate a new stage, further enriching the diversity and dynamism of the festival.   

Other improvements include an increase in accessibility, with 90% of the park accessible for people with reduced mobility, and adapted toilets at all points of the park, as well as the installation of 60 more drinking fountains compared to the old venue to ensure proper hydration of visitors. With an expansion of entertainment spaces, including a larger circulation area in front of Rock Street, Parque Tejo Lisboa has all the necessary conditions to receive fans of Rock in Rio in style. 

On 15, 16, 22 and 23 June we'll have lots of exciting surprises, memorable shows and a renewed experience for everyone who joins in this 20th anniversary celebration. Buy your ticket now!  
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