We're bringing Route 85 to celebrate 20 years of Rock in Rio history in Portugal and 40 years in Brazil!

Alert: we have more news! Less than 50 days before opening its doors, we now add Route 85 to the map of the new venue, in Parque Tejo-Lisboa, in which will be present various scenographies that tell the story of Rock in Rio since 1985, and the Somersby Cupido House and the School of Rock CineStage - which join the list of attractions to mark the unforgettable celebration of 20 years in Portugal and 40 years of Rock in Rio.

Route 85

Inspired by the Route 66 - the famous North American road that connects the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA - and held in Rio de Janeiro in 1985, the Route 85 will be present at the 10th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa to tell the festival’s history since its first edition. Route 85 appears in 2024 at Rock in Rio Lisboa as a new area of the festival, which includes the Somersby Chapel and the School of Rock CineStage, and will be filled with vintage and symbolic scenographic elements that marked the various editions, such as the famous Tennis with Mud from '85, which was found already unparalleled at the end of the first edition in '85, having survived the storm of rain and mud, that marked the first steps of Rock in Rio.

Cupido House

Located within Route 85 and with a Gothic architectural reference, the Somersby Cupido House emerge as a reference to the passage of Rock in Rio through Las Vegas, in the USA, in 2015, where several couples could receive the blessing of Elvis Presley. In this 10th edition, Rock in Rio Lisboa will give the opportunity to all couples who want to tie the knot in a more symbolic and unforgettable way, in a unique ceremony celebrated by a one and only double Elvis Presley and his assistant Amy Winehouse. For the more distracted, or those who leave the wedding plans until the last, there will be two Cupids dressed in green walking around the grounds inviting couples to celebrate love at Somersby Cupid House. 

School of Rock

The School of Rock CineStage is an open-air stage with a reference to classic cinemas and with a neoclassical architecture. To mark the 40 years of Rock in Rio and the 20 years of the festival’s presence in Portugal, Rock in Rio Lisboa will spend at the School of Rock CineStage a selection of videos that tell the history of the festival from its first editions to the passages through Las Vegas, Madrid and, of course, a sample of the many iconic moments spent at Rock in Rio Lisboa.  
In 2024, the School of Rock will once again provide an unforgettable experience for young talents at Rock in Rio Lisboa, allowing them to do what they know best... MUSIC!
The construction of the new City of Rock advances at a good pace and is already beginning to take shape! The 10th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa is scheduled for June 15, 16, 22 and 23, 2024, in a new City of Rock, in the Tagus Park Lisbon. Save the date and guarantee your presence here!
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