Hyundai Rooftop Regulations

Entrance to and stay at the Hyundai Rooftop at Cidade do Rock is subject to strict compliance with the provisions of these Regulations:

1. The Hyundai Rooftop opens at 4pm and closes at 1am and has a maximum capacity of 150 people.

2. Entrance to Rooftop Hyundai is only permitted on presentation of a voucher with a valid QR Code per person.

3. The voucher with QR Code, once validated, is exchanged for a wristband that allows entrance to Rooftop Hyundai.

4. The wristband must be fitted to the wrist and displayed at the access control at Rooftop Hyundai for validation by those in charge.

5. The wristband must be worn by the holder for the entire duration of their stay at Rooftop Hyundai.

6. The wristband is inviolable, personal and non-transferable, and the holder must ensure that it is kept in good condition.

7. When the wristband is removed, the ticket holder loses their rights and cannot re-enter Rooftop Hyundai.

8. It is not permitted to enter Rooftop Hyundai with any kind of food or drink.

9. When leaving Rooftop Hyundai, the ticket holder may not take any food, glasses filled with drink, beverages or other objects inside.

10. Anyone who is undressed, even partially, or barefoot, regardless of their age, is strictly forbidden to enter and/or remain in the Hyundai Rooftop.

11. Any person who displays violent, aggressive or contrary to public order behavior or who refuses to take possession of non-permitted or unauthorized objects will be refused entry and/or stay at the Hyundai Rooftop.

12. Anyone who appears to be drunk or under the influence of narcotics, or who displays behavior that disturbs the normal operation or safety of Rooftop Hyundai, will also be refused entry and/or stay at Rooftop Hyundai.

13. The Event organizers will contact the competent authorities to resolve problems caused by those who cause disturbances or damage that disrupt the regular operation of Rooftop Hyundai, and may ultimately expel them.

14. Entrance to and stay at Rooftop Hyundai implies strict compliance with the terms and conditions contained in the tickets.

15. In the event of any omissions, the Portuguese legislation in force shall apply.