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Pisca Pisca Ferris Wheel returns with a new concept

The concept prepared especially for the 10th edition of the event - The Wheel of Time - will have 24 booths and 5 themes that reflect moments that tell the story of the festival's 20 years.

Synonymous with good times and memorable stories, the Pisca Pisca Ferris Wheel will take centre stage at the new City of Rock. Located at the highest point of the venue, this wheel of time will be one of the festival's most attractive spots, with 24 booths and 5 themes alluding to moments that tell the story of the 20 years of Rock in Rio Lisbon in Portugal.   

Memories and emotions materialised in personalised booths - for the best selfies - which include the World Stage booth, which will celebrate the stage that featured countless unique concerts; the artists' booth, which will refer to all the artists who came through the festival to make magic happen; the light-filled audience booth, which will commemorate the fact that Rock in Rio was the first festival to light up the audience; the Rolling Stones booth, which will bring back memories of when Bruce Springsteen stepped on stage in 2014 to perform with Mick Jagger's band, with Bill Clinton in the audience; and the Amy Winehouse booth, which will honour one of the greatest artists of all time. It will undoubtedly be a real journey back in time, here and now, remembering moments that have marked 20 years of Rock in Rio in Portugal, in what will be not just another, but the best Ferris wheel of all time!   

On the Pisca Pisca Ferris Wheel, the party will start right in the queue, where passengers will be guided through a welcoming portal to the Pisca Environment, where they will find DJs playing iconic songs by artists who have appeared at the festival over the years. Reflecting the diversity that characterises Rock in Rio Lisbon's line-ups, you'll be able to hear a bit of everything here too: from rock to pop, from Brazilian to Portuguese artists, in a carefully curated musical programme that will transport the audience to the most iconic concerts that have taken place at the festival over the last two decades.    

Before boarding the long-awaited wheel of time, passengers will also pass through the "transition tunnel". Here, the public will find a colourful tunnel, where the 10 editions of Rock in Rio Lisbon will be counted down, at the end of which they will finally be able to enter one of the 24 themed cabins, specially dedicated to the festival's 20th anniversary, and continue their journey. It should be noted that all the cabins have integrated air conditioning and two are accessible to people with disabilities or reduced mobility.
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