The Galp Stage has grown and gained prominence: internationally renowned artists and the best of national talent will be there

Europe, Hybrid Theory, Anselmo Ralph, Pluto, Filipe Karlsson, Carolina de Deus, Soraia Ramos and DJs Diego Miranda and KURA are the new confirmations. 

With the arrival of Parque Tejo-Lisboa, we have started to put into practice a strategy that consists of having fewer and fewer differences in the weight of names and structures on our stages. 
We've put together a line-up for the Galp Stage with world-renowned national and international names and a selection of genres that embrace different styles and emotions, always ending the nights in a party atmosphere. In addition to the already announced James, Lukas Graham, Jake Bugg, Luísa Sonza and Pedro Sampaio, there are many new additions to the line-up: on 15 June, the energy of rock will emanate from the stage with powerful performances by the iconic Europe and the national talent of Hybrid Theory and Pluto; on 16 June, evoking a more intimate register, and with a party atmosphere guaranteed for the end of the night, Carolina de Deus and DJ Diego Miranda join us; on 22 June, we will have performances by Filipe Karlsson and the best of national electronic music with KURA; and on 23 June, the party is for the youngest, who can leave their parents at home! Anselmo Ralp and Soraia Ramos will take to the Galp Stage with all the energy of hot African and Brazilian rhythms. 

With space for an audience of 20,000 people, 50 metres of frontage (12.50 metres more than in 2022) and double the physical and technical structure installed, the Galp Stage has a whole range of improvements that will be reflected in the audience's experience, which will be even richer in music and fun. We will be faced with an explosion of energy in a unique atmosphere of celebration of rock, pop, hip hop, trap and electronic sounds, where each night will be a unique musical experience and party, with collective chants and energy that promises to transform us for the better. 

Four days of Rock in Rio Lisboa await us, with 12 hours of memorable daily partying, in a new City of Rock and a new location - Parque Tejo Lisboa. Guarantee your presence!