We are going to start building the City of Rock of the future!

In the year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we continue our tradition of innovation by launching the Tech Rock’s Experience project, starting the construction of the City of Rock of the Future. By installing the Rock in Rio Lisboa app on mobile devices, visitors will be able to enhance their festival experience in various ways. By combining virtual elements with reality, the Tech Rock’s Experience will make it possible, for example, to navigate within the Rock in Rio Lisboa venue by providing useful information and exclusive content. Through artificial intelligence, it will also be possible to edit content in real time for posting on social networks; and also to redeem offers and rewards from brands present at the festival through augmented reality.

The Tech Rock’s Experience is a visionary project that emerges in collaboration with the vibrant innovation ecosystem of Lisbon, recently recognized as the Innovation Capital of Europe by the European Commission. Conceived and curated by Liquid Innovation CO, in partnership with Unicorn Factory Lisbon, Startup Lisboa, Startup Braga, Startup Leiria, ABS, Abstrato, and Innoscience, we have called upon startups with disruptive solutions to improve the experience for both partners and visitors throughout the four-day event.

At the core of the Tech Rock’s Experience are eight technological solutions that include innovations such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, sensing, streaming, and sustainability. All of them aim not only to enhance the visitor experience but also to connect them with the brands present at the festival.

Each day of the festival, the selected startups will have the potential to reach 80,000 visitors daily. Among them are:
  • Virtual.Town – through virtual reality, anyone can see and visit the Not So Secret Backstage, as well as add giant 3D virtual sculptures of their favorite artists to their own gallery by scanning a QR code;
  • Alfa Lupo – through augmented reality and geolocation, it will be possible to navigate circulation and access exclusive content within the Rock in Rio Lisboa venue, as well as find useful information and even set a meeting point to find friends;
  • KatchIt – through augmented reality, it will be possible to participate in a treasure hunt game, redeem offers, and rewards from brands present at the festival;
  • Framedrop.ai – through artificial intelligence, anyone can edit content in real time to post on social networks, in any format;
  • Mantis.ai – using artificial intelligence analysis, brands present at the festival will be able to measure their level of interactivity with visitors through personalized clips and reports with engagement insights and impact of their activations;
  • Pluggable – through artificial intelligence and reading of non-invasive biometric data, visitors who dance, jump, and have fun will be rewarded;
  • Neuroes – directly from the Super Bock Digital Stage and through artificial intelligence, sensing, and neuroscience, visitors will be able to witness the power of the mind moving a car, just by thought, in less than 5 minutes, in performances and brain battles on stage;
  • WindCredible – there will be a wind turbine-generated power station powering an exclusive sustainable mobile phone charging point.
To access all these technologies, visitors must install the Rock in Rio Lisboa application on their mobile devices and choose the experiences they wish to try.

Unlike traditional fairs, where startups demo and receive visitors for pitches or presentations, at Rock in Rio Lisboa these eight entrepreneurial companies will be operating their businesses in practice, obtaining real-time feedback, learning from real usability data, and connecting with the festival's partner ecosystem.

Nuno Agonia, Tech YouTuber, will be the ambassador of the Tech Rock’s Experience, and will bring valuable tips for visitors to make the most of the technology available at the festival.

There is still an opportunity and space for technology companies or brands interested in participating in this innovative construction to join Rock in Rio Lisboa. To do so, simply connect to the Tech Rock’s Experience as partners and create relevance for their B2C, B2B, B2B2C customers.

The digital communication, web design of the Tech Rock’s Experience landing page, and interface of the startups' applications with Rock in Rio Lisboa were carried out by wee! europe.
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