We have new confirmations for Tejo Stage!

There are more names joining the already announced Iñigo Quintero, Lauren Spencer Smith and Rival Sons. Find out here!

In the edition that marks the 20th anniversary of Rock in Rio Lisboa, we are presenting another music stage - the Tejo Stage. On this new stage we're going to come together to celebrate the talent, creativity and diversity of sounds and nationalities on stage. And for this we're counting on new promises from the national and international scene, as well as established heavyweights to join the line-up: Ornatos Violeta, Blind Zero, Capitão Fausto, Danni Gato, Fonzie, Mc Cabelinho, Neyna, Peste & Sida, ProfJam, The Legendary Tigerman, Veigh.

On June 15, there will be rock at Rock in Rio Lisboa, and the maxim extends to all the music stages. On the festival's new stage, the guitars will be queen in the hands of the luxury national team formed by Blind Zero, Peste & Sida and The Legendary Tigerman, who join the already announced californian Rival Sons. 

On June 16, Capitão Fausto and Neyna are the new additions to the new stage at Rock in Rio Lisboa. They join the already announced Iñigo Quintero and Lauren Spencer Smith on this party day, with even more intimate moments.  

On June 22, with a line up entirely dedicated to national talent, Rock in Rio Lisboa welcomes the godfathers of the Tagus Stage, Ornatos Violeta, and Fonzie. 

On June 23, the party is for the younger ones, who can leave their parents at home! The rhythms will accelerate with Danni Gato, MC Cabelinho, ProfJam and Veigh at the new stage of Rock in Rio Lisboa. 

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