June 22nd

With a career spanning more
than 40 years and more than
25 million records sold, the
James are still undisputedly
cherished by the Portuguese public.

The band James was formed in the early 1980s in Manchester. During the first few years they were known by various names, from Venereal and the Diseases, Volume Distortion and Model Team International, until they settled on the name James in August 1982.  

They started playing more regularly on the pub circuit and made their debut at Darwen's 21 Club. Released their first EP "Jimone" in November 1983 and their second, entitled 'James II', the following year. The debut album "Stutter" appeared in 1985, was widely acclaimed by critics and built up a solid fan base.  

The band went on to conquer its place in pop history and is currently responsible for songs that are already true anthems for several generations in Portugal and around the world, such as "Sit Down", "Sometimes", "Laid" and "Born of Frustration".  

James marked the 40th anniversary of their career in 2023 and are still undoubtedly one of the bands most cherished by the Portuguese public. A reciprocal connection for Tim Booth's band, especially for guitarist and violinist Saul Davies, who lives in Portugal, on the outskirts of Porto, which promotes the regular presence of the other members of the clan in Portugal: Jim Glennie, Larry Gott, David Baynton-Power, Mark Hunter, Andy Diagram and Chloe Alper.

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