Lauren Spencer Smith

June 16th

The artist has sold out more than 42 concerts on her global tour and is gaining a vast legion of fans all over the world.

Born in England and based in Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith took part in the American Idol talent show in 2020 at the age of 16, and two years later she was already considered an international pop sensation. Thanks to the success of the single "Fingers Crossed", the singer's popularity crossed borders and earned her 19th place on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2022, serving as a launch pad to perform at the MTV VMAs, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the People's Choice Awards, for which she was nominated in the "Best New Artist" category. This was followed by "Flowers", which earned Lauren two platinum single certificates, and "Narcissist", two singles that paved the way for the release of Lauren Spencer Smith's debut album, "Mirror", in 2023.

Making her debut at the festival, the artist has confirmed that, as well as being an excellent singer, she is also an accomplished songwriter on the rise. In this album, she talks about real stories of love and heartbreak, reflection, healing and growth, materialized in 15 autobiographical songs, which have so far resulted in almost 900 million streams on Spotify alone. On her global tour, the artist has sold out more than 42 concerts and has gained a vast legion of fans all over the world. Lauren Spencer Smith is also a viral icon of the digital universe on the YouTube and TikTok platforms, and with a sweet and melodic voice, the charismatic singer, now just 20 years old, is recognized as one of today's breakthrough artists, with more than 4 billion streams. On June 16th, Lauren will perform as the headliner on the New Stage at Rock in Rio Lisboa.

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