Living Colour

June 15th

Authors of the hit "Cult of Personality", which won a Grammy© for "Best Hard Rock Performance" in 1990, Living Colour are recognised as one of the most influential rock bands of the late 80s and early 90s. 

With lyrics that range from personal to political, in some cases attacking Eurocentrism and racism in America, the New York rock band formed in 1984 is currently made up of Vernon Reid (guitarist), Corey Glover (vocalist), Doug Wimbish, (bassist) and Will Calhoun (bassist), and has released six studio albums to date.

Living Colour rose to fame with the release of their debut album, "Vivid", in 1988. Although they have scored several hits, they are best known for their signature song "Cult of Personality", which won a Grammy© for "Best Hard Rock Performance" in 1990 and has been consistently used as the entrance theme for professional wrestler CM Punk since 2011. They were also nominated for "Best New Artist" at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1989 and won their second Grammy© for their album "Time's Up", released in 1990. Their third studio album, "Stain", was also well received by music critics. After breaking up in 1995, Living Colour reunited at the end of 2000, and have released three more studio albums since then: "Collideøscope", in 2003; "The Chair in the Doorway", in 2009; and "Shade", in 2017. In 2006, the New York band was inducted into the Long Island Hall of Fame, an important milestone in their musical career.

More recently, Living Colour have been preparing their seventh album and performing on various stages around the world. On 15 June, the band is preparing to get their feet off the ground at Parque Tejo-Lisbon, not with dust, but with a lot of rock!

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