Super Bock Digital Stage

15, 16, 22 e 23rd June

In a co-curation between Rock in Rio, New Sheet Entertainment, and Milk & Black, the Super Bock Digital Stage aims to give voice to a wide range of entertainment phenomena, bringing more music, more humour, more content creators, and more party atmosphere to Parque Tejo-Lisboa.
Over the four days of the festival, Mariana Azevedo, Henrique Mano, Mário Skepis, and Núria Serrote will take the stage as hosts of the Super Bock Digital Stage, promising to entertain the audience and guide them through dozens of performances.

The Not So Secret Backstage will also make its return to offer an even more unique experience to visitors, becoming a meeting point for celebrities and influencers, creating a large number of exclusive social media content where what happens backstage won't stay backstage.

The SAPO Half Time Show, the live segment of Confessions by MegaHits, performances by the group CHELAS é o sítio, and the parties by the producers of Revenge of the 90’s: Digituga - Portugal Virtual and Viagem dos 20 Anos do Rock in Rio.

On this day, besides rock, there will also be comedy at Rock in Rio Lisboa. The Super Bock Digital Stage will feature performances by Cebola Mole from Eduardo Madeira and Filipe Homem Fonseca, Luana do Bem, Meninos do Rio, Ana Garcia Martins and David Cristina with the podcast “Não Sou Eu, És Tu”, Pedro Durão, Pedro Gonçalves in the format Confessions Live by MegaHits, RBL, and Soraia Tavares.

On 16 June, Bluay, Diogo Barrigana, Guilherme Duarte and Vasco Elvas, Insert Coin, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, LUA in the format Confessions Live by MegaHits, and Pânico with Fernando Alvim, Carolina Torres, and Paulo Silver will join the party.

On 22 June, performances by Ana Arrebentinha, Bar Dançante, Cubinho, Inês Monstro, Kenny Simões, Mamonas Assassinas – O Legado, Miguel Carmona, and Rafael Bailão will join the festivities on a day where samba and football will reign at Rock in Rio Lisboa.

On 23 June, the rhythms will accelerate and nostalgia will take over the digital stage of Rock in Rio Lisboa, with performances by April Ivy, Dário Guerreiro, Gamiix, Luana do Bem, pikika in the format Confessions Live by MegaHits, Sam The Kid and DJ Big with Sir Scratch, and the great YouTube Revival 2010 with Nurb, Kiko is Hot, Peperan, Soraia Carrega, Pakistanman, and Miguel Luz.

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