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We have once again renewed our partnership with Sociedade Ponto Verde!

Hand in hand since 2008, when Rock in Rio was awarded the 100R label - in which Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV) recognised that the festival played an excellent role in disposing of all the waste it generated - we have once again joined forces in a partnership for sustainability and the future, through the "Acerta & Recicla" campaign, which aims to unite the concept of gamification and awareness-raising in favour of more and better packaging recycling practices in a festival context.  

Results of the sustainable management of Rock in Rio Lisboa 
Considered a zero-waste-to-landfill event since 2016, and correctly sending all waste for recycling and energy and organic recovery, Rock in Rio, together with Sociedade Ponto Verde, Valorsul, Lisbon City Council and other organisations, has been designing a demanding sustainable management plan for the festival over the years. By separating and recycling the paper correctly, we have saved 5.8 million litres of water, the felling of 1,200 trees (the equivalent of 24 hectares of forest) and the emission of 1,800 kg of atmospheric pollutants and 150 tonnes of CO2 in the production of paper from virgin materials.  

What's more, the energy saved in producing paper from virgin materials would be enough to supply 900 homes for a year. By correctly separating and sending plastic for recycling, we have saved 23 tonnes of oil and 315 tonnes of CO2 in the production of paper from virgin materials. By correctly separating and recycling glass, we saved 24 tonnes of raw materials, 4.5 tonnes of oil and 91 tonnes of CO2. In total, the emissions avoided are equivalent to that emitted by a car travelling 111 times around the Earth, an extraordinary milestone that reflects our commitment to the future. 

Sociedade Ponto Verde's Get It Right & Recycle Campaign  
As part of the partnership with SPV, it has already been possible to recycle more than 420 tonnes of waste, which also reinforces Sociedade Ponto Verde's work in the area of environmental literacy and raising awareness among citizens. For the 10th edition of Rock in Rio Lisbon, the challenge will now be to increase the volume of waste recycled and reduce the volume of waste going to energy recovery. To this end, SPV is running the "Acerta & Recicla" campaign until 14 May, which not only rewards the most attentive, but also aims to raise awareness of sustainable action. On the SPV app, users will be able to answer questions of the day, polls, quizzes, read articles and content with recycling tips for Rock in Rio Lisbon and be eligible to receive 100 supermarket vouchers, totalling €30,000 to use. For the top 15 winners, the prize will be €500 in cardboard, and for the next 85 winners the prize will be €270 in cardboard. The aim of all these mechanics is to help citizens and potential festival-goers recycle more and better, empowering everyone with more knowledge about recycling so that they can correctly separate packaging waste, both inside and outside the home, especially at summer festivals and events that bring large crowds of people together.  

Sociedade Ponto Verde at the 10th edition of Rock in Rio Lisbon
SPV's presence at the event will be marked in several ways: an Acerta & Recicla activation at the venue that will take festival-goers to Rock in Rio Brasil; structures for the correct separation of waste; and backpackers with mobile recycling bins circulating around the venue, for greater convenience in the disposal of festival-goers' packaging.  
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