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Use of the Rock in Rio Lisboa shuttle travel pre-purchase feature is subject to strict compliance with the following terms and conditions: 

  1. The Rock in Rio Lisboa public can use, before and during the Event, the ticket pre-purchase functionality for shuttle journeys available on the Rock in Rio Lisboa APP. 
  2. Each ticket includes a return journey, with the following route: Gare do Oriente - Cidade do Rock - Gare do Oriente. 
  3. Each ticket costs €1 (one euro), except if purchased on the days of the Event when it costs €2 (two euros). 
  4. Tickets for children up to and including the age of 12 are free. 
  5. The Rock in Rio Lisboa shuttles do not have a childcare service. 
  6. Minors under the age of 12 (twelve) may only travel accompanied by the holder of parental responsibility (father or mother), or by a duly identified adult who is responsible for them. Whenever there is any doubt about the age of minors, they must present the identification document proving their age to the inspectors, otherwise they will be denied entry to the shuttle.  
  7. Use of this feature requires registration with the Rock in Rio Lisboa APP and acceptance by the user of the APP's Terms and Conditions and these Terms and Conditions regarding the pre-purchase of shuttle journeys. 
  8. After registering, the user must select, in the ‘Gare do oriente shuttle’ tab, the day and the journey(s) they wish to buy, as well as make the respective payment. 
  9. Once payment has been made and the purchase completed, a QR Code is generated which the user must present to the person in charge at the boarding area (Gare do Oriente Station), where they will receive a wristband to board the shuttle. 
  10. The user must keep this wristband, which will indicate the day of the Event, in order to access the return journey by Rock in Rio Lisboa shuttle from Cidade do Rock to Gare do Oriente. 
  11. The QR Code generated at the time of purchase will also allow the user, at the time of boarding the Rock in Rio Lisboa Shuttle, to purchase one (1) special edition reusable cup alluding to the 20th anniversary of Rock in Rio Lisboa free of charge, for a one-off fee, simply by showing the QR Code to the staff.  
  12. If the user does not use the trip, there will be no refund of the payment.  
  13. The Event organisers reserve the right to cancel the pre-purchase feature for trips on Rock in Rio Lisboa shuttles, for technical reasons, safety reasons, force majeure or imperatives relating to the management of the Event. 
  14. Pre-purchase of shuttle journeys through the official Rock in Rio Lisboa APP is subject to capacity.
  15. In the event of any omissions, the Portuguese legislation in force shall apply. 
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